Swiss Mountain Frolick and Fare

On a recent trip to Grindelwald, Switzerland, we traveled up up up in every direction. Postal buses, gondolas, hikes... all paths led to heart skipping natural beauty and cozy, melty Swiss food.

Traditional swiss Rösti, grated potatoes cooked with speck and topped a farm egg and Alpkäse, alp cheese. Alpkäse is a type of swiss mountain cheese that is strictly produced using milk from cows grazing high up on the alpine grasses and flowers.
A peek into a Swiss aging and curing cheese hut, up in the mountains surrounding Grindelwald

Traditional Käseschnitte: melted Raclette cheese on bread served with potatoes, pickles and pickled onions. Raclette cheese is produced with a strict ratio of water and dairy fat that makes it a perfect melting cheese. Hearty, simple and incredible.

One year old alpkäse in the aging hut for hikers to sample during an annual Alpkäse festival

Our son Anton in a fascination daze as we slowly ride up on a gondola to some mountain trail heads
We made it! Bachalpsee, a small magical mountain lake in Grindelwald located at an elevation of 2,265 meters. I highly recommend hiking up to this lake when planning your Berner Oberland adventure.
One of the regional gondola rides brings you to Pfingstegg. Here you can ride the rodelbahn en route to a network of rad hiking trails that traverse across and down, back to the valley and into town. One of our favorites.
just down the path and around the bend we met a hunter who turned out to be a chill swiss man who told us all about the local wild game

At the end of a long hike we feasted on housemade sausage and spätzle, little swiss eggy dumplings that are boiled then sautéed. Some of the best local housemade sausages and other regional dishes are at the Hotel Wetterhorn.

Darkness slowly falls inside the forest... time to wander back to the chalet and slumber to the sound of distant cow bells

Working with Chef Ludo Lefebvre on the new season of Mind of a Chef

Chef Ludo Lefebvre and Chef Iñaki Aizpitarte hanging at Le Dauphin, the cave à manger next door to Le Chateaubriand
We recently worked with ZPZ Productions again on 4 episodes of this season's Mind of a Chef, featuring french chef Ludo Lefebvre. TofC's Adrian Rubi-Dentzel was on fixer duty for all episodes shot in France, and helped Chef Ludo and the production crew navigate their way through top kitchen's of Paris as well as secret gardens of Normandy, magical islands off the Normandy and Brittany coast and beyond. Lots of pre-production, creative b-roll shooting, eating, laughing and translating!

DP Ethan Mills filming Chef Ludo observing Chef Iñaki of Le Chateaubriand in Paris
Chef Ludo and his father picnicking at Parc Buttes Chaumont

Trail of Crumbs + Aida Mollenkamp = New Paris Episode for "Off-Menu" !

Check out TofC's Adrian Rubi-Dentzel as he takes Aida Mollenkamp to a few of our favorite hidden gems in Paris. We at Trail of Crumbs coordinated this episode for Tastemade and had a blast with their crew. Thanks to Tastemade and Aida for making it so fun. Enjoy the show!

White Truffles in Marfa, TX?

Years ago, Adrian made a pit stop in a tiny remote town in the high desert called  Marfa, Texas. He was on a long road trip making his way down to his family's house in coastal Mexico. He felt the magic right away. He ended up buying a little fixer upper house and we've made a point to circulate Marfa into our lives when we can. Marfa was put on the contemporary art map when American modern sculptor Donald Judd took residence there in the 1970's. With the help of the Dia Foundation, he bought several large buildings as well as the decommissioned Fort D.A. Russell to house large scale bodies of his work along with pieces by other artists. Both the Chinati Foundation and the Judd Foundation continue to manage these spaces and keep his art history legacy alive.

 Donald Judd's aluminum pieces in one of the fort's large buildings that comprise the Chinati Foundation

  Judd's wood furniture design pieces and permanent work by Dan Flavin at the Chinati Foundation

We recently had a sweet little excursion over to Marfa last month to check up on our house, soak up the sky and to celebrate my birthday with my twin sister Simone. Last year, we spent our birthday together in Piedmont, Italy, and ate white truffles at the source. This year, we did it again, but in the high desert! Simone scoured the internet and found a source that shipped white truffles directly from Alba to us in the middle of West Texas. Simone and her boyfriend Rob run the best coffee shop in all of Texas ( Ok, I might be a little biased but still). Their coffee shop is called Do Your Thing, and has become the go-to spot to catch up with locals, find out about what's going on that day, and to enjoy the high quality coffee and tasty rad café breakfast grub.

One of the neighborhood horse buddies ... Me n my twin sister, Simone
 A porridge bowl and DYT coffee...and a "modern", my favorite drink at DYT
White truffles were purchased for the big birthday dinner... Mary Farley's beautiful eggs from down the road.
Simone rolls out pasta with Chinati foundation director, Rob Weiner
Seared pork loins encrusted with Sarawac peppercorns... soon to be dressed with a cognac, pepper cream sauce
Mary's eggs getting separated by Simone and dear friend, Buck Johnson of the always amazing Wrong Store
A singular ricotta and egg yolk raviolo, with brown butter and white truffles from Alba
Old TofC friend, Janella Fox, made two magical dark chocolate Guinness cakes with cream cheese frosting for our birthday...  DELISH!
Sunset walks in Marfa are beyond

The Côtes d'Armor in Brittany

Before heading west to California, we frolicked on one of our other favorite coastlines, the Côtes d'Armor in the Brittany region of France. From fresh mussels, clams, oysters and scallops to buckwheat crepes in their place of origin and lots of incredibly beautiful cove beaches... the Brittany coast is one of the most magical places on earth.

Les Bouchots, the mussel farms in the Fresnaye Bay

The best fresh steaming mussels from the seaside flea-market stand for only 5 Euros

Quilles, a wooden vintage french bowling game found at the flea market. Love the breton striped men with berets!
Anton and I chilling by the Erquy lighthouse
two favorite plages sauvages, Plage Lourtouais and Plage Portuais & oysters from Nicolas Nonnet

We have finished filming! It's a wrap!! A dream has been realized, and a film has been shot. The footage is so incredible and the actors brought the script to life in ways we never imagined. We are so proud and happy to be making "Prestigious Ingredients" ! Follow our production diary and all film related news here.

Because of YOU...

We are so eternally grateful to all our backers for supporting our dream and vision. We successfully raised enough funds on Kickstarter to produce our first food-centric short film, "Prestige Ingredients". It's been written in a fictional narrative format and stars Alia Shawkat and Paris based chef, Pierre Jancou.  The story is about an out-of-work young actress in LA who gets hired by a chef in Paris for an unlikely job. Lots of surprises and meals will be woven throughout this poetic tale. We will be filming a scene with James Henry (Bones Restaurant), at Au Passage and at the Clavisy lamb farm in the medieval town of Noyers-sur-Serein to name just a few of our locations.

We created a production diary and blog dedicated to our Trail of Crumbs Productions universe where we will be publishing behind-the-scenes stories and photos!

We begin filming on May 26th and will keep you updated on the fun Trail of Crumbs production antics!

-Danielle & Adrian and the "Prestige Ingredients" team

We Are Making A Short Film called "Prestige Ingredients" - PLEASE HELP US!

We are making a short film next month about modern french cuisine. It stars Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development, Whip It) and it's about a stifled Hollywood actress who gets hired by a chef in Paris (Pierre Jancou) for an unlikely role. This film features modern french cuisine in a fictional narrative format, which makes it unique among all the reality/documentary food based content out there.

There's still time left for our Kickstarter campaign and we would love any support possible to reach our goal. If we do not reach our goal by May 14th, we will lose all pledged support... so please help us spread the word! We really want to make this film to be put out into the universe.

We've got lots of great prizes for those that donate... some handmade cheese boards by Adrian Rubi-Dentzel,  who has designed furniture for many top new Paris restaurants, original drawings by Alia Shawkat, Pierre Jancou's inscribed and signed new cookbook... and many more to come.

Please watch this video about our film and click here for more details on how to support us!

Hero - Korean Fried Chicken in Paris

A big perk of being creatively involved with new restaurants is being able to go to fun things like test dinners.  Last night we tasted much of the new menu at Hero, the new cocktail restaurant from Josh, Adam, and Carina of Quixotic Projects (Candelaria, Glass, Le Mary Celeste).  Haan Palcu-Chang's food program is centered around Korean fried chicken.  Available by the whole or half bird, the chickens are quartered, fried to a thoroughly-crispy, dark brown and dressed in one of three sauces:  regular, sweet garlic, or spicy.  Luckily ours was a table of four which warranted getting a whole chicken moitié/moitié, half in spicy sauce, half sweet.  Thankfully, Haan is a stickler for certain cutural necessities of cooking, and does not hold back on the chiles in the spicy sauce.  There will be french people who cannot handle this, and that is fine.  The menu is full of great antidotes to a mouth on fire: two delicious tapioca pearl drinks, the zenned-out seawead rice, the fresh and bright noodle salad, tangy rich kimchi mac 'n' cheese, and of course the light Hite Korean beer.  Haan's cooking never disappointed at Le Mary Celeste, and Hero is no different.  The dynamic range from acids, saltiness, spice and sweet is perfect alongside cocktails that managed to further surprise us in how crazy, new, and fun a beverage can be.  The interior design by Jeanette Dalrot and Safari Sundays takes you from chic Bladerunner to 80's Santa Monica beach house and downstairs to a woody kitchen dining bar.  Downstairs, dubbed Superhero, will soon be home to a nightly six-person tasting menu service, for which our own Adrian Rubi-Dentzel designed and made the bar top.

The sweet half of a "moitié-moitié " pile of fried chicken. This stack is a whole chicken half in sweet sauce, half in spicy. "Bubble Trubble" cocktail made with tapioca pearls, absinthe, bekseju, young almond syrup, and almond milk. One of our favorites and a perfect antidote to the truly spicy chicken.
Two of Hero's cocktails: "Nice Legs", Litchi, pink pepper, soju, Aperol, prosecco, and "I Woke Up Like This", Tapioca pearls, young almond syrup, almond milk and blue.
"My personal favourite for the Hero menu: seared rice cakes, ragout of mushrooms, Chinese salted radish, and gochujang on purée of soft tofu."                      - Quote from Haan's instagram @haanpc
Kimchi mac-n-cheese, tastes like the old school mac-n-cheese you want but bright, tangy and a little spicy
 Two Hero cocktails, "Nice Legs" (left) and the pretty "Thug Life", soju, mescal, cognac blanc, gin, yuzu, lemon, ginger beer, cranberry, bitters, antesite

Steamed and fried bun with samjang glazed pork ribs, korean mayo, and pickled cabbage
Spring vegetable, cold noodles, pickled daikon, seaweed and egg
buns chilling on the chef's table in the basement level called Super Hero with a six seat tasting menu
Hero's chefs prepping for their first dinner service behind the wood and resin bar by Adrian Rubi-Dentzel
 Short round on the shirt (soon for sale) / Haan and Adrian in Super Hero
Detail of Super Hero chef's table, european chestnut wood and hand tinted resin pools
Upstairs dining room by swedish designer Jeanette Dalrot and NYC design firm, Safari Sundays

Central wash basin for those fried chicken sticky fingers
 Pink lit stair case lined with cinder block planters, the upstairs back counter dining area

289 Rue Saint Denis, Paris, 75002
+33 1 23 45 67 89

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