White Truffles in Marfa, TX?

Years ago, Adrian made a pit stop in a tiny remote town in the high desert called  Marfa, Texas. He was on a long road trip making his way down to his family's house in coastal Mexico. He felt the magic right away. He ended up buying a little fixer upper house and we've made a point to circulate Marfa into our lives when we can. Marfa was put on the contemporary art map when American modern sculptor Donald Judd took residence there in the 1970's. With the help of the Dia Foundation, he bought several large buildings as well as the decommissioned Fort D.A. Russell to house large scale bodies of his work along with pieces by other artists. Both the Chinati Foundation and the Judd Foundation continue to manage these spaces and keep his art history legacy alive.

 Donald Judd's aluminum pieces in one of the fort's large buildings that comprise the Chinati Foundation

  Judd's wood furniture design pieces and permanent work by Dan Flavin at the Chinati Foundation

We recently had a sweet little excursion over to Marfa last month to check up on our house, soak up the sky and to celebrate my birthday with my twin sister Simone. Last year, we spent our birthday together in Piedmont, Italy, and ate white truffles at the source. This year, we did it again, but in the high desert! Simone scoured the internet and found a source that shipped white truffles directly from Alba to us in the middle of West Texas. Simone and her boyfriend Rob run the best coffee shop in all of Texas ( Ok, I might be a little biased but still). Their coffee shop is called Do Your Thing, and has become the go-to spot to catch up with locals, find out about what's going on that day, and to enjoy the high quality coffee and tasty rad café breakfast grub.

One of the neighborhood horse buddies ... Me n my twin sister, Simone
 A porridge bowl and DYT coffee...and a "modern", my favorite drink at DYT
White truffles were purchased for the big birthday dinner... Mary Farley's beautiful eggs from down the road.
Simone rolls out pasta with Chinati foundation director, Rob Weiner
Seared pork loins encrusted with Sarawac peppercorns... soon to be dressed with a cognac, pepper cream sauce
Mary's eggs getting separated by Simone and dear friend, Buck Johnson of the always amazing Wrong Store
A singular ricotta and egg yolk raviolo, with brown butter and white truffles from Alba
Old TofC friend, Janella Fox, made two magical dark chocolate Guinness cakes with cream cheese frosting for our birthday...  DELISH!
Sunset walks in Marfa are beyond

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