Adrian riding a sunset wave at Punta del Burro
While living in Paris, we dream of Mexico. So we head down to Mexico during the cold winter months to swim in the warm waters, make art, music, and many amazing meals with friends. We stay at the most magical beach house ever called Casa Rincon , located on the surf break of Punta del Burro. This neighborhood is south of Punta Mita on the pacific coast in the state of Nayarit. The house has a recording studio called Glass Cube Studios ( bands that hang at the studio include Whitest Boy Alive, Kings of Convenience and Broken Social Scene) and we often spend evening hours in the recording studio to let the peaceful tropical environment translate into music.  During one of our annual creative retreats here, I shot a photograph that became the album cover of The King of Convenience's latest record. Magic happens here.

Casa Rinconcito, one of the four houses that make up Casa Rincon
We learned how to make a many dishes along with chili salt and salsas like homemade Tejin  and Roasted Tomato Salsa. You make Tejin by roasting 3 to 5 chilis de arbol, add sea salt, and then crush them all together in a traditional Mexican mortar and pestle called a Molcajete (or whatever mortar & pestle you have around). Incredible! To make our daily salsa, we roasted one chili and put it in the Molcajete with sea salt and one roasted tomato. The best.

In nearby old town, Puerto Vallarta, there are a few shops that feature traditional textiles and clothing that made us swoon big time. The rich colors and detail embroidery are works of art in itself. In addition to the bright colors of the fabrics, there are so many colorful, unusual plants and fruits to be discovered in this region of the world. One such new-to-us fruit is called Mamey, a fruit that looks like a small football from the outside, and a bright red/orange dense melon on the inside. So much to explore in the world.


When in old town, Puerto Vallarta, we always drop in on Marisma. Tucked away on a side street, you will find the freshest and most delicious fish tacos in town. They lightly fry Marlin or shrimp in a beer batter and use only hand made tortillas. On the bar, they offer 4 salsas as well as a pickled onions in a vinegar tomato sauce. Our favorite sidekick to our taco is the pale green tomatillo salsa blended with avocado.

Adrian  (standing), Danielle and friends at the Marisma taco stand

Marisma Taqueria — 320 Calle Naranjo, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Telephone: 52-322-222-1395. Open during daylight hours.


We love a mexican breakfast. I mean, who doesn't ? While down here in Mexico there is a constant list of ingredients around the house. Avocados, tomatoes, onions, jalepenos, poblanos, crema, tortillas, beans, cilantro, limes, eggs, and loads of tropical fruit. These items are permo stocked.

Our Casa Rincon Huevos Rancheros Recipe
2 servings

4 corn tortillas
1 cup of your favorite salsa (see below for recipe) or your fave Ranchero sauce
1 cup cooked black beans
½ cup shredded jack cheese ( or queso Oaxaca! )
4 organic eggs
1 green onion, diced
1 sliced avocado
1/3 cup Mexican sour cream ( crema) or regular sour cream
Salt & pepper to taste

Quick perfect spicy salsa:

3 roma tomatoes
2 chili de Arbol (or 3 or 4 or... if you like it mega spicy)
sea salt

We made a batch with lots and lots of heat by using 5 chilies and 4 tomatoes for a large batch of salsa

Roast 2 tomatoes ( directly on the fire of your gas stove or broil in the oven on the top rack until a bit blackened) , quickly roast one chili de arbol chili ( or what they call 'rat tails' in Mexico) until it's a bit black ( this will take 10 seconds, tops). Using a mortar and pestle, grind the chili with a bit of sea salt and a tiny splash of water until a paste is made. Add the tomatoes one and a time until nicely blended. The salsa will be a bit warm , which is good for this recipe.

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Heat a skillet over medium heat. Dry roast the corn tortillas on the hot skillet for about 10 seconds on each side to warm through. Keep them warm between the folds of a towel while you heat the others.
Using two oven safe dinner plates, place 2 warm tortillas on each. Cover each set of tortillas with a half cup of salsa, followed by a half cup of beans and ¼ cup of shredded cheese. Place plates in preheated oven for 8 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Using potholders remove from oven and cover lightly with foil to keep warm.

In a stovetop skillet, cook the 4 eggs, nice and over easy. Place two cooked eggs on each plate atop the loaded tortillas. Sprinkle with the chopped green onion, season with salt and pepper, and add a dollop of sour cream. Place the sliced avo on the side. Done.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Or should we say... Feliz Año Nuevo! The Trail of Crumbs are in Mexico exploring the tropical coastline just north of Puerto Vallarta. Fresh produce abounds as does folk art and the calm of the beach.


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