um... HELLO !

Well well well... it's been quite a while. But I'm back! There has been lots of changes this year that generated a hiatus, but before the year wraps up, I'm turning the TofC light back on.

I've got some exciting news in the pipeline! I've teamed up with a retreat producer in Los Angeles, Janna Stark, and together we are launching a new company that ties into the future of Trail of Crumbs. Earlier this year, Stark approached me to be a producer of a team building retreat for Google. I quickly said yes and pulled together a chef from Chez Panisse, a favorite musician ( Eric D. Johnson of the Fruit Bats), and scouted an incredible farm near Napa to host it. A team of 120 Googlers arrived at the farm last August for what was their favorite event to date! So... that being said, it was time to make this new venture something more permanent. 

I will be generating new content here, will give the site a new look ( soon!) and keep the magic flowing.


Danielle Rubi
Founder, The Trail of Crumbs

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