An Unusual Candy in the Dordogne

On a recent trip down to the Dordogne valley, I experienced a Perigord treat beyond my senses.  Yes, it's cotton candy on a skewer, with a foie gras center. Was it good you ask? Surprisingly, it was!

On a Date in Scandinavia: A Perfect End

Here is the last entry of Kat & Johan's sojourn in Sweden...

photo courtesy Hotel Skansen

Spending our last days in Båstad was the perfect end to our tour. The second wedding we attended was celebrated at the magnificent Norrviken Gardens that has an array of different gardens inspired by the Italian Renaissance. We stayed at Hotel Skansen that is known for its world famous tennis matches and also its bath house (the Kallbadhus) that is 60 meters out into the water.

After 10 days of literally gorging we did not have the power to drive all the way home to Frankfurt and had to stop in Lubeck, Germany for a break. Sitting outdoors admiring the architecture of the city, a vintage BMW Isetta car pulled up. We sure wished he could have driven our full bellies home in his little caravan. 

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All photos and text: Katerina Alm

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