We love discovering flea markets and little surprises in unexpected places. Brittany is full of them. A pot bellied pig hanging out at the market... A mass of stripes at every turn and world renowned oysters sold at low prices with big smiles. Here is a flea market and a farmer's market on the shores of Brittany in Erquy.

Oysters, Oysters, Oysters... ahhhh! Eyes for Oysters in Brittany. Such goodness!
Loved the delicious homemade apple cider from these friendly young gentlemen
Cannot visit France without purchasing an Opinel knife. Seriously.

Love the stripes on everyone... these dudes are stoked

Our friend took us on a little day trip to various views and villages... this one was one of the most charming. Dinan.
The very charming and picturesque village of Dinan. We recommend stopping for lunch and a walk around here.
Gainsbourg forever at this bar in Dinan
A mysterious traditional Breton cake called Tourteau fromage à l'ancienne ( Tourteaux Jahan is a respected producer of these magical cheese cakes). Neither sweet nor savory but curiously delicious with a hint of char.

A mysterious and abandoned house that we couldnt resist exploring after driving past it many times. I dream of doing a photo shoot here.

La Ribote , a sweet little restaurant that serves fresh and tasty local cuisine in a casual setting. Just the way we like it. 

Kig Ha Farz, a traditional Breton dish with a buckwheat dumpling and bits of steamed meat. A sort of Brittany style Pot au Feu
can't get enough Oysters!

Lait Ribot, buttermilk, is often had with lunch and dinner in Brittany
Café Gourmand... a french way of eating a bunch of dessert in tiny bite sized portions
Fresh housemade fromage blanc with honey. One of my favorite traditional french desserts

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