Enjoyed an epic lunch at Moro in London on Monday. We were so excited to have an experience full of rich spices Mediterranean in origin. Moro features dishes from Spain and North Africa ... where cinnamon and saffron cross. Moorish cuisine with flavors that exist in Paris as well, which will make it easy for us to find the intoxicating spices, now that we have the cookbook. If it wasnt for the suggestion of our dear New York friend, Linda Aldredge, we would of missed out big time.

Lentil and Chard Soup with Cumin, Coriander and Yoghurt
Txocoli (Basque Fizzy Wine)
Cecina with Fresh Pinto Beans, Aubergine and Piquillo Pepper Salad
Wood Roasted Pork with Braised Chard, New Potatoes and Romesco
Wood Roasted Chicken with Chopped Roast Carrots, Farika and Green Herb Borani
Yoghurt Cake with Pistachios and Pomegranate
I should point out that they feature incredible recipes in their cookbook, those of which my sister Simone Rubi has been testing out and obsessing over. She goes nuts for the Leek and Yoghurt soup with dried mint.


Danielle of TofC is now a contributor on Opening Ceremony's blog. We will share snippets of our travels and nibbles as well as lots of Paris heavy stories and photographs. Opening Ceremony features some our favorite designers, from Alexander Wang to Agnès B., and special collaborations exclusively with O. C. We are happy to be a new regular guest author!


This week, Trail of Crumbs received a high-five from Dwell Magazine's editor-in-chief, Sam Grawe. Sam is one of our favorite cooking pals and is also the man behind music projects like Hatchback and Windsurf (along with Daniel Judd).  Lots of warm California memories of living in the Bay Area down the road from Sam where we cooked many a meal together while listening to his flea-market vinyl finds. Much time has also been spent cooking and chilling at one of our regular haunts, Casa Rincon, on Mexico's Pacific coast.

Sam at Casa Rincon
Grilled Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Stuffed with Queso Fresco & A Chili Relleno

French Yogurt Graphics

Just popped around the corner to grab some lunch and found these yogurts sitting on the shelf at my little grocery store. Made at a Laiterie in Brittany's coastal St. Malo, these yogurts are fresh and delish. I am so down with the graphic style of simple french logos with a timeless flair.

Travel Books that Keep Old Traditions Alive

New York City's The Little Bookroom has a collection of travel books that describe places you wouldn't find in a huge thick all-in-one travel guide book. It states on their website: "...The Little Bookroom's travel books take readers off the beaten path and provide an imaginative entrée into the world’s best-loved cities, including Paris, New York, Rome, Florence, and London."

They have books that are for traveling the slow and old-school way. The way we like to travel.  Learn about local markets, local art and craft traditions, walk down secret alleyways, and find the magic.

I like guide books that focus on Artisan shops and old establishments that haven't lost their love for keeping things authentic and welcoming.

The Authentic Bistros of Paris book features one of my favorite corners of Paris... Le Petit Fer à Cheval. I took some friends there recently on their last night in Paris. They said it was the perfect way to end an epic Summer journey. We drank calvados after  a long night walk and laughed for hours and felt as if we were welcome to stay as long as we wanted.

They also feature the Pudlo guide books and the Go Slow travel series.... I dream of tucking away into a stone cottage in the countryside of England when the Fall arrives.

While you are slowing things down, check out the Slow Food site and discover how this movement has been reminding people where the best foods come from and why. They have also developed a Biodiversity Foundation. Slow Food's organization is improving the quality of  food (and life!) around the world.

*All photos from The Little Bookroom Website. Thank you!

Post by Danielle 

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