Travel Books that Keep Old Traditions Alive

New York City's The Little Bookroom has a collection of travel books that describe places you wouldn't find in a huge thick all-in-one travel guide book. It states on their website: "...The Little Bookroom's travel books take readers off the beaten path and provide an imaginative entrée into the world’s best-loved cities, including Paris, New York, Rome, Florence, and London."

They have books that are for traveling the slow and old-school way. The way we like to travel.  Learn about local markets, local art and craft traditions, walk down secret alleyways, and find the magic.

I like guide books that focus on Artisan shops and old establishments that haven't lost their love for keeping things authentic and welcoming.

The Authentic Bistros of Paris book features one of my favorite corners of Paris... Le Petit Fer à Cheval. I took some friends there recently on their last night in Paris. They said it was the perfect way to end an epic Summer journey. We drank calvados after  a long night walk and laughed for hours and felt as if we were welcome to stay as long as we wanted.

They also feature the Pudlo guide books and the Go Slow travel series.... I dream of tucking away into a stone cottage in the countryside of England when the Fall arrives.

While you are slowing things down, check out the Slow Food site and discover how this movement has been reminding people where the best foods come from and why. They have also developed a Biodiversity Foundation. Slow Food's organization is improving the quality of  food (and life!) around the world.

*All photos from The Little Bookroom Website. Thank you!

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