" Californian ex-pats Danielle Rubi and Adrian Dentzel have made a living from sharing their favorite travel gems, and it's easy to see why: they have a knack for finding the very best spots, wherever they go. Their lush descriptions of the best food to be found throughout the world, from Japan to the Caribbean to their home in France, give us serious gastronomic wanderlust." - Saveur

The kind folks over at AFAR Magazine placed Trail of Crumbs at the top of their reading list. Thanks guys!

The nice ladies over at Design Sponge featured us and our Paris apartment in their "Sneak Peak" series... So fun! Click on the image to jump over there for a quick looky look.

"...If this site has a mission statement I think it would be: Hey People… Get Stoked About Food! While there are a million and one foodie sites to check daily, Danielle’s a great photographer and the pictures on Trail of Crumbs are always extra mouthwatering." - Sam Grawe, editor-in-chief of Dwell Magazine

"The Trail of Crumbs covers a variety of international locales and the food to be discovered there. The luscious, original photos shot by Danielle (a professional photographer with work shown in several medias) will draw you in, and the stories will leave you ready to book a plane ticket. TofC describes topics such as escaping to Mexico for the winter, growing kale from a Parisian window sill, the specialties of a neighborhood farmer's market, a visit to an old-fashioned lamb farm in France, the perfect sandwich in Oakland, California and so much more. Diving into the world of food and travel (my two passions as well!) via the Trail of Crumbs is a daily pleasure for me." - Leela Cyd, The Kitchen

" It’s always inspiring to see the amazing photos taken by friends and read what’s enlivening their travels and taste buds. I love the work on their site, their art and photography in general, and always look forward to a new entry (not to mention the all-too-rare chance I get to hang out with them when in Paris or when they’ve traveled back to California)." - Andy Cabic, Singer & Songwriter for one of our favorite bands, Vetiver

"I'm pretty nerdy about documenting food during my travels and my friend Danielle Rubi was kind enough to turn a couple rambling emails about Italy into a fun blog post or two. It's always a pleasure to remember the great things you tasted along the way." - Sam Grawe, editor-in-chief

 "...Parisians by way of California, they capture their culinary escapades so gorgeously on their gastro travelogue that they make us want to swap lives... They travel for the discovery of the most magical, hidden, and delicious corners of the world."- Team Fathom

" A life of jetting around the world, savoring fantastic meals, taking beautiful photographs and spending quality time with your like-minded family members and friends? Sounds like a fantasy. For Danielle, the founder of the "gastro travelogue" Trail of Crumbs, it's reality. If you love learning about food from all over the globe, you have to check this blog out immediately. Danielle (and their guest writers) relates her delicious adventures in a charming, down-to-earth way that makes you yearn to be right there with her, eating saucisson in the French countryside, tartino di verdure in Piedmont, or tacos in San Francisco. She makes sure to include tons of photographs and recipes as well, so you can try to create a similar experience at home. Go ahead, live vicariously through these worldly individuals for a little while. Or, if you really want to take it to the next level and go on your very own culinary journey, the authors can design a customized travel itinerary for you! " - Penn Appetit

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