Danielle Rubi is a photographer who has been traveling her whole life. Her traveling lifestyle started at an early age when her parents began a specialized travel business after opening one of  Southern California's first European wine and cheese shops. She went on many research trips with them growing up and has been traveling and photographing ever since. 

Danielle constantly crafts unique, personal and unforgettable travel experiences for both corporate companies ( such as Google) as well as for individuals looking for a magical reboot. She and her team also worked with Anthony Bourdain and his production team by scouting all locations and coordinated every last detail for the Paris episode of his television travel program, "The Layover" as well as scouted and field coordinated for the Burgundy episode of the Emmy award winning, "No Reservations". She continues to work with production companies on various projects all over the world.

She is currently starting a new experiential retreat company called "Rubi Stark"... launching very soon! 

The Trail of Crumbs food blog and travel blog

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