On a Date in Scandinavia: Seaside in Denmark

Here we follow Katerina and Johan Alm, Canadian and Swedish expats who live, work and met in Frankfurt. They recently got married in Italy and have a passion for food, wine, travel, skiing and fashion. Katerina is an avid cook and freelance travel/gastro-blogger in her spare time. Jump in their car and join them on their Scandic road trip adventure!

Upon receiving two invitations for weddings in Sweden that happened to fall on 2 consecutive weekends, a Scandic road trip was in order. Our idea was to first drive up from Germany to Öland, the second largest island in Sweden (located on the South East side of the country), then make it over to Båstad ( on the south west side of Sweden just north of Denmark). The planning included finding some countryside bed and breakfasts and hotels along the southern Swedish coast to tour within 10 days.

According to a recommendation from one of the Swedish brides, a small town called Charlottenlund just north of Copenhagen, was not to be missed. Charlottenlund is an affluent suburb of Copenhagen that was once home to Danish architect Arne Jacobsen who designed many buildings in the area. Nestled onto the coast of a former fishing village is the Skovshoved Hotel which dates back to 1660, which was the first stop of our tour. The Skovshoved Hotel is a recent member of the Historic Hotels of Europe list and it's restaurant is recommended by the Michelin Guide. The hotel offers picturesque views onto the sea, has only 22 rooms and a very personalized chic and cozy atmosphere. The restaurant was our favorite part of this visit.

The Skovshoved restaurant draws inspiration from classic dishes with origins in Italy, France and Spain. We ordered and enjoyed the sensory tasting menu with wine accompaniments. I especially liked the fresh bread. It was served in a wooden box on top of warm rocks with a stone slab carrying fresh whipped cream butter sprinkled with green salt. The chef refused to give up their secret recipe and only disclosed that it was very slowly baked in muffin tins. The dark bread was dense, moist, homey and comforting. Luckily they served a another version at breakfast too!

Fresh baked Danish brown bread
Fresh oysters served on ice with grilled lemons and toast
Cabbage soup with broccoli purée, parmesan cheese and a bacon consommé
Slow roasted Lamb filet with grilled celeriac, celeriac mousse, with a burgundy and rosemary reduction
Thinly sliced pineapple with Anna's compote, salty caramel sauce, bourbon vanilla ice cream garnished with limette leaves
Seawinkle Beerenauslese 2007 from Velich Winery
Buffet breakfast on the terrace. I am one to taste a bit of everything and... I went back for more bread!
Restaurant Terrace at the Skovshoved Hotel

All photos and text by Katerina Alm


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