On a Date in Scandinavia: Sweden's Southern Countryside

Here we continue to follow Katerina and Johan Alm on their Scandic road trip adventure!

We attended a beautiful wedding where we celebrated in Öland at Borgholms Slott  a castle that was built in the 12th century and has a spectacular view over the Baltic sea. All the eating, drinking and dancing in Öland  left us ready to dive further into southern swedish gastronomy. We drove south to Österlen's countryside where we stayed at Karlaby Kro which is part of Countryside Hotels Sweden .
The Karlaby Kro Hotel in the Österlen countryside
Countryside Hotels has 39 hotels spread across the most beautiful regions of Sweden and I highly recommend it for choosing a hotel with charm and personality and not to mention great food in this part of the world. Emma, a passionate Swede who runs the show at Karlaby brings service to the next level. Not only did she describe each meal to us in great detail and know every grape variety of all the wines served, but also left us a personally written info letter with lots of recommendations on what to do in the area. The three course dinner with wine pairing at Karlaby is a must, rest assured you will not be dissapointed. 
Seared bass with fennel, green field peas and bouillon of chive and salmon roe
Breast of sirloin of veal with beets, horseradish, marjoram and lovage with bouillon of lemon

In the area we visited:

Mandelmanns organic herb & vegetable farm 

• Ales stenar located at one of the most southern tips of Sweden which is a "megalithic" monument consisting of a 67 meter long stone ship and is said to be created around 1400 BP.

Ales stenar is well known for its organic bakery and restaurant Vendel where we enjoyed a delightful Mackerel sandwich on homeade organic bread with locally pressed Kivik apple juice.

Stay tuned... more to come!

All text and photos by Katerina Alm

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