Les Sables d'Or beach in Brittany
While spending our Summer in California this year, we are reminiscing over our other coastal trips of Summer's past. Our friend Hélène Renaut once took us to her Summer house in Erquy, on the eastern edge of the Bay of St-Brieuc, in the Brittany region of France. It was magical. Here are some photographs of our day trip to several beaches along Les Sables d'Or, golden sands, as well as our welcome meal of freshly caught Mackerel.

The symbol of Erquy... Hélène's father pouring our apéritif before lunch

Hélène giving us the lay of her land
the view from our guest room at Chez Renaut

fresh mackerel caught earlier in the day... seasoned with coarse sea salt and herbes de Provence


the most delicious grilled mackerel we've ever had

Hélène taking a sunset dip in temperate Bretagne waters

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