Winter is here and all I do is daydream of a very magical place. One of the most breathtaking places during this time of year is the Swiss village of Grindelwald. Tucked underneath the Eiger mountain and hugged by an entire family of surrounding protecting peaks... Grindelwald, my father's hometown, is straight out of a crystal little snowglobe dream. 

A vintage poster advertising the First ski region of Grindelwald, pronounced feerst
The vast ski region surrounding Grindelwald and Interlaken. For more in depth details go here
You can take a gondola or train in any and all directions, then ski down and over to various old chalet restaurants that serve house made bratwurst, rösti (a traditional swiss potato hash with various additions like local swiss cheese, bacon, or an egg), spätzle (delicious and buttery small swiss dumplings sometimes cooked with cheese and carmelized onions), homemade soups, raclette (melted raclette cheese over potatoes served with small pickles), fondue, salads with my favorite dressing, locally brewed beer and many other comforting Swiss specialties.

The view from our family apartment's terrace looking directly at the Eiger mountain

Various local cheeses at our favorite cheese shop in town, Chäshittli Molkerei Gertsch
Hand carved wooden animals at a near by farmer's market

Here is the same view with a glimpse into what Grindelwald looks like in early Fall... also a favorite time of year there:

The view of the Wetterhorn mountain looking east from the master bedroom of our flat

If you want to visit Grindelwald, we occasionally rent out our apartment. If you want to know more just contact us here.

“The Rubi Family apartment is a modern homage to one of Grindelwald’s famous mountain guides, Adolf Rubi.  The apartment is filled with trophies, artwork, hand crafted Swiss antiques, historical artifacts and actual built-in furniture from the original Chalet Alpenblume, which sat on the same site.  The current generation of Rubis has lovingly preserved the family collection and designed the apartment to embody the spirit of the old chalet.  The wrap around balcony offers a majestic 270 degree vista of the entire range of mountains from the Wetterhorn in the east to Mannlichen in the west.  When you stay at the Rubi apartment, Grindelwald’s history surrounds you on every wall, and the magnificent mountains are outside every window.”- Adrian

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