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We are so eternally grateful to all our backers for supporting our dream and vision. We successfully raised enough funds on Kickstarter to produce our first food-centric short film, "Prestige Ingredients". It's been written in a fictional narrative format and stars Alia Shawkat and Paris based chef, Pierre Jancou.  The story is about an out-of-work young actress in LA who gets hired by a chef in Paris for an unlikely job. Lots of surprises and meals will be woven throughout this poetic tale. We will be filming a scene with James Henry (Bones Restaurant), at Au Passage and at the Clavisy lamb farm in the medieval town of Noyers-sur-Serein to name just a few of our locations.

We created a production diary and blog dedicated to our Trail of Crumbs Productions universe where we will be publishing behind-the-scenes stories and photos!

We begin filming on May 26th and will keep you updated on the fun Trail of Crumbs production antics!

-Danielle & Adrian and the "Prestige Ingredients" team

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  1. congrats!! happy to be a (wee) part of it - xo!


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