Local Porcini mushrooms in San Sebastian, Spain

Danielle and Adrian are a couple from California living in Paris, France. Danielle is a photographer who has been traveling her whole life. Her traveling lifestyle started at an early age when her parents began a specialized travel business, after opening one of  Southern California's first wine and cheese shops. She went on many research trips with them growing up and has been traveling and photographing ever since. Adrian builds furniture and design objects in Paris; previous professional activities include selling high-end cheese, and playing electric and double bass. He has traveled extensively in his native California, as well as the Southwestern USA, Mexico, and Europe

          La Boqueria market in Barcelona

Together, they constantly craft unique, personal and unforgettable travel experiences for themselves and their friends. For years, they have hosted family and friends in Paris, Mexico, Switzerland, Santa Barbara, the San Franciso Bay Area, and beyond. After being told a hundred times by many travelers and friends they should design trips and lead tours, Danielle and Adrian created Trail of Crumbs to inspire those who want to explore new cultures and corners of the world. With so many musician friends who travel constantly, with limited time in each place, they hope a forum like this will grow into a resource designed to get to the heart of it all.

In addition to the photos and stories Danielle and Adrian publish, Trail of Crumbs will also feature contributions from their traveling circle of friends  and family. This is the first posting of many to come so plug into TofC from time to time and watch the travelogue evolve...

Danielle & Adrian


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