It's that time of year again when truffles are hunted and the fall festivals begin. While spending time in Burgundy last week, we bought 2 Burgundy black truffles from a restaurateur. Our friend made some fresh pasta and we simply shaved tons of these mild but delicious summer truffles all over the place. 

Ingrid on a roll

This weekend we are heading to Alba, in the Piedmont region of northern Italy. This is our third annual trip to Italy for the white truffle experience. I am powerless over the white truffle.

a white truffle half moon before getting weighed for the shaving session
Last year we went to the white truffle auction in the Grinzane Cavour castle, at the end of the 79th White Truffle Festival. A tall, dark haired, Italian woman in a form fitting black dress and very low neckline , presented each truffle on a silver tray. She invited the auction audience to sniff her truffles and it looked as if the entire room was in a trance. I'm sure the person who bought this 750 gram truffle was intoxicated by the Alba truffle spell when they shelled out 100,000 Euro for it. Good thing it's a auction for charity.

photo: Getty Images

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