Marie Antoinette x Gordon Ramsay x Vintage Cars

Kirstin Dunst from the cover of a past issue of Vogue magazine as Marie Antoinette , 
the hallway leading to La Veranda restaurant in Versailles

Dunst surrounded by Paris's own LaDurée creations for the film set

Went to Versailles recently for a portrait photo shoot and lunched at Gordon Ramsay's  La Veranda  restaurant at the Trianon Palace Hotel. We started the day by slowly walking through the palace while shooting portraits in hidden corners basked with natural light. We had a real portrait moment when arriving at Marie Antoinette's personal house, Le Petit Trianon. Soft oval shaped inset windows and a powerful energy in the space made the magic happen. My subject Michelle, along with Marie A., embodies a whimsical elegance and so I suppose it just felt like the right place to be.  

Images of Kirstin Dunst, playing the 19 year old queen, came to mind while meandering through the palais. The film's director, Sofia Coppola , was granted (rare) permission to shoot her film, "Marie Antoinette", entirely on location within the grounds of the Château de Versailles.

One of my favorite things in life, Andalusian Gazpacho, with heirloom tomatoes and a chévre and lobster croûton - yumtastic

A highlight of the lunch, a silky pumpkin soup with a hidden burrata pillow underneath and a bit of brussels sprouts
Pressed Foie Gras with cured artichoke hearts, fleur de sel, and a citrus and ginger chutney
Loved this Cala Lily display in the lobby hallway
La Veranda burger, or what Michelle called , the 'spleen burger' .  It tasted very organ-y, a disappointing burger
Bavette of Black Angus with braised endives and augrumes, citrus fruits - Nice textures and flavors with this one

Coffee mousse with biscuit crumble and Manjari chocolate ice cream - kinda don't remember it
Cheesecake frapée with a sablée crumble and wild strawberries

After lunch we went outside to find our driver, but instead we found a vintage car show. Lots of over the shoulder sweaters and suited up men with swirls for eyes.

I want to drive this car one time down a narrow road surrounded by fireworks under a full moon
Dream car by Ferrari

Another Ferrari with nice froggy yellow eyes
I didn't realize I had such a thing for vintage cars, but dang - these cars were mesmerizing
Alfa Romancing the stone


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