Breakfast Burrito in Isla Vista

Last Sunday, early in the morning, I turned to Adrian and asked him: " What is the ultimate Santa Barbara breakfast that you miss?" He responded with: " a breakfast burrito in I.V.!" We hopped in the truck and went out to Isla Vista, college town to UCSB, and entered into the student universe complete with pajamas in public, massive to-go cups of coffee and/or smoothies, surfers on bikes, and haggard wanderers from the night before making their final journey home. 

So many cool examples of 1950's - 80's California beach side architecture as well as houses that have tons of college gear pouring out: Couches, bbq's, 80's furniture, stolen promo beer/surfborad/energy drink/skate banners, red plastic cups, bikes, and 'need roommate' signs on every other balcony.

Adrian remembered La Cantina having the best breakfast burritos, and as an USCB alum, has many memories of racing to get his burrito before the cut-off time of 11am. Now, they serve their well known burrito all day. It has a magical combination of freshly scrambled eggs, delicious and simple spicy tomato salsa, seasoned rice, spanish potatoes, sour cream, and jack and cheddar cheeses all snug and warm inside a fresh flour tortilla. They serve their burritos with house made tortilla chips too, which are super thin and crisp. I was surprised that they didn't have meat, but in the end, it didn't need it. A great combo that doesn't make you feel the typical crazy burrito belly after. It's not a burrito bomb.

Lots of USCB Gaucho love that's in the form of photo collages at every eatery. Here's one that features a burrito eating contest sponsored by La Cantina.

On the north west corner of I.V., you can walk along a beach path that passes some incredible beach houses and eventually to Devereux Point, a beautiful and peaceful surf spot.  

Adrian at Cole Oil Point, just north of Devereux Point.
One of the infamous doors to many I.V. shows and parties. Lots of good times behind that unassuming door. There always is one.

The Cantina
966 Embarcadero del Mar # C
Goleta CA. 93117
Mon-Tues: 8:30 - 6:00
Wed - Thurs: 8:30 - 9:00
Fri-Sat: 8:30 - 10:00


  1. i love all the shots of the forgot how many amazing examples of mid-century and experimental california architecture are out there.....decorated with bud-light signs, hammocks and keg pumps now :)

    great photos....x

  2. As for breakfast burritos, I would highly recommend Nick's Deli, the original is on Main Street in Seal Beach, Ca and they opened a second location in Los Alamitos. As a Seal Beach native I'm sure there is some bias. But they are to die for.

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