TofC contributor Janella Fox recently discovered a beautifully shot short film featuring an international hotel group. Here it is...Enjoy!

I recently came across this beautiful short HERE from the director Luca Guadagnino of I AM LOVE and producer Waris Ahluwalia. What a nice and unexpected little journey. It's so stunning and poetic. I was surprised to read further and discover that it is a promotional collaboration between these talented men and The Luxury Collection Hotel Group. Of the 3 destinations featured in the film, I've had the pleasure of staying at The Royal Hawaiian in Waikiki and was happy to see it featured here. Don't you want to be her just for a moment? (Bonus, Jason Schwartzman does all of the music).

Photos: Royal Hawaiian Photo, J. Fox, Waris H. photo by Alessio Bolzoni
Text: Janella Fox 


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