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On a recent trip to San Francisco, I had the pleasure of being introduced to an excellent taqueria on Mission St. that I had never tried before.  The introducer was none other than Kyle Field, a kind bud of many years, and global path-crosser with the Trail of Crumbs.  He had just landed at SFO from a quick music tour in Spain under his musical moniker, Little Wings, and we converged in the Mission district to share some Mexican food and stories of recent adventures and discoveries.


Sometimes a plan takes flight like birds falling into a perfect "V".  It's rare, but when it happens you can feel the dominoes falling in the right direction.  Alan Watts would say that it's the art of sailing your life rather than rowing it.

The Best in the Whole Worl, indeed
Vegetarian Crispy Taco with Guacamole
Okay, the special thing about the crispy tacos at La Taqueria is the double layer of tortillas.  They fill the first tortilla with your filling of choice (we got vegetarian with guacamole and adobado pork) and grill it until golden and crispy.  Then a fresh, soft, pillowy second tortilla is wrapped around it and it is all topped with fresh and bright pico de gallo salsa.  The crunchy and soft combination is what brings this taco to the next level.  As our tacos arrived, we shared knowing and mildly shameful glances and confirmed under our breath, "Totally like the double decker at Taco Bell", "Yeah, I know, it's kind of rad."  These ones have that same soft crunch appeal, but made with good ingredients by real cooks.  And there's no shame involved.

Kyle Field is a prolific artist, both in the visual and musical arts.  You can see some of his artwork here, but really you should try to see his work in person.  He'll be showing his work here in Paris this May as part of a group show of California artists that Danielle is curating.  He has several albums out as Little Wings, and is constantly touring in many countries.  Next stop, Japan.

Video for the song Mr Natural from the album Black Grass

La Taqueria
2889 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 285-7117

post by Adrian Rubi-Dentzel

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