After Party at the Paris Ritz

Last Spring, we went the the ever-classic Paris Ritz for brunch on the day of my friend's birthday. We were a group of 10 artists and musicians that had been up till 5am the night before, and had created a bit of a stir in a room of sweater-over-the-shoulder families. We explored the many food rooms, some with tomato and flower towers, and others with entire salmons stuffed with mousse.  

The round table we were all perched around was so grand, that we decided to sing across the table to communicate to one another.  Our singing and giggling made the room feel lighter all while we ate mega mini desserts like: golden glittery Macarons, miniature Ile Flottante, Fraisier, homemade marshmallows and fruit dipped in chocolate, all from from the sexy, dimly lit burgundy velvet dessert room . After more songs and champagne we went to the Tuileries garden and napped in the sunshine. Perfect Sunday after-party. Can't think of a better way to go big for a girlfriend's birthday week-end.

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