On a Date in Italy: Down to the Amalfi Coast

Guest post by: Sam Grawe

In this post, we continue to follow Sam and Anissa on their road trip in Italy. Here is Sam's report on two restaurants near Sorrento:

We left Rome after a few days and cruised down to Sorrento,  Agripoli, and the Amalfi Coast. South of Sorrento is where Mozzarella comes from. We ended up at an awesome place in a small seaside town called Agripoli il Ceppo. It was the spot, rustic and simple.

In another Amalfi coast town, Ravello, there's a spot called Trattoria Cumpo Cosimo on Via Roma, 48, where an old lady named Netta rules the roost and cooks up amazing food:  

Photos and text: Sam Grawe

Next up: The 1960's hotel designed by Gio Ponti in Sorrento, the final post featuring Sam and Anissa's Italian road trip.  

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