On a Date in Italy

Guest post by: Sam Grawe

Sam Grawe and his wife, Anissa, hit the road in Italy last month to celebrate their first wedding anniversary.  We will publish Sam's road trip report in several posts, here is the first one, in his words:

Here's a brief rundown on some stuff I/we ate:

In Milan, at Peck, a wonderful upscale food store with a cafe on the second floor.

Bresaola with Robiola and Arugula:

Crespelle stuffed with Ricotta / Zucchini flowers / topped with a white sauce / cheese:

In Parma, at a Parmesan cheese producer outlet:


Parmesan Mousse with Candied Pear and aged Balsamic:

Culatello ham (only made with the tenderloin of the right leg of the pig, the one it rests on while lying down instead of the one that it stands up with!):


The best street in Rome! (no salumi in sight unfortch):

Probably the single best dish I ate in Italy. At a place called Pizzeria Roma Sparita in an overlooked section of town.

Pacchieri stuffed with ricotta/artichokes, topped with cherry tomatoes & pancetta chunklets and cheese:

Roma Sparita is famous for their Cacio e Pepe ( Pecorino Romano and pepper )

Trippa alla Romana in Rome!

Anniversary styles:

... On a Date in Italy continues here!

Photos and text: Sam Grawe

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  1. AMAZING pictures and lots of attention to detail! I'm in love with this blog!
    Have Sam and Anissa done any italy tours while there?? I found this great website http://www.nancyaiellotours.com/ with beautiful tour options and would love some tips on what is the "must go" one, 'cause there are SO MANY options to chose from and so little time to enjoy them... haha :D
    Keep posting! <3


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