Belize Diary Entry #1

Trail of Crumbs was invited by the folks behind the cookbook, Flavors of Belize to visit and experience the eponymous country. My twin sister and TofC contributor, Simone Rubi, is currently in Belize for one week reporting on the very best the country has to offer. Here is her first post!

A photo of the Belize River taken from the cockpit of our plane
BELIZE IT : Days 1 & 2
I'm here because of a book called "Flavors of Belize." The book is the first comprehensive cookbook to come from Belize, a country that has a lot of us curious. I can count on one hand the number of people I know that have been here. Let's face it, it's a mystery to most of us in the States. We know about the coral reef and the islander vibes. That's about it.

So the team that have published and created this book, decided to fly in two American bloggers for one week. The goal is to show us what this country is really about...through food and nature. I'm incredibly happy to be one of those bloggers..

I'm going to be posting a diary of my experience here on TofC for the next week. At the end, I will post a more comprehensive round-up of my entire trip.

Ok, here goes.
Belize City & San Pedro (Ambergris Caye):

When Kathryn from Cookie & Kate and I landed, we were offered a very traditional lunch which always includes either rice and beans or, beans and rice. Major difference there. Rice and beans are stewed together in the same pot. Beans and rice is white rice with stewed beans and the rice is always cooked with coconut milk. Our hosts Tanya, Rachael, and family, all had different faves. Here, I enjoyed rice and beans with "shake and bake" chicken (the small local hole-in-the-wall's own recipe) with plantains and the best local beer called "Belikin." The beer was delicious and crisp.
Every meal is accompanied with a Habanero hot sauce. "Marie Sharp's" is the biggest supplier and has a carrot base
Habañero peppers at the local market
Rice and beans (not to be confused with beans and rice mind you) at the local market
The boat ride to San Pedro
The smallest island - I wanna live there for a month
Local boy in a rad purple polo

5 year old salesgirl

Our first morning on the beach - what a vibe!
Breakfast: Fry jacks, a fried bread made with flour, shortening, and water., with beans (always on the plates here). I really want to do a version of Fry Jacks with lime zest and cottage cheese instead of shortening. Marie Sharp's hot sauce also always present. Delish.

To be continued...

Text & photos: Simone Rubi

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  1. The breakfast background complete with handmade timber furniture, enticing breakfast, and cool sea breeze looks like the greatest way to start the day! Awesome!


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