Belize Diary Entry #2

"Hol Chan" , Little Cut, the coral reef where we snorkeled
Mineral rich red soil roads take us to more paradise lands
Belize it: Days 3 & 4

The magic lies in the people and nature here in Belize. With English as a main language, I can be funny and also understand the local humor. I've asked tons of questions on what locals eat and compared that food with what I've been served. I've come up with some really interesting conclusions which I'll post on my last post on Belize to come later.

I've become fast friends with much of the staff and nature guides at the place where I'm currently staying - The Hidden Valley Inn in the Pine Ridge Reserve. It's absolutely stunning. It's located on miles of jungle mixed with pine trees and waterfalls. The food that has made me the happiest has actually been in what's also the freshest. I've been amazed at all the juices, so I'll include a few pics of those. A coconut cake with a fine texture and toasted flavor, and some fish dishes with subtle sauces. The fish is so fresh here and lobster season just started so I've been mainly ordering in that direction. The disappointment has been in their lack of using the local and fresh ingredients in a more healthy way. Or using something like orange Fanta soda to make a orange reduction sauce for a dessert. Lots of condensed milk (where I think they should be using their delicious coconut milk) even though they have access to dairy from the Mennonite community who farm here and provide the country with lots of products. I've been endlessly fascinated with the history here and the blending of cultures.

Mountain Pine Ridge in the Cayo District of Belize
 A "Soursop", Guanabana, shake and an insanely good pineapple and lime juice

I'm off to Belize City today for the launch party of "Flavors of Belize." On the way, I'll be stopping in villages and hopefully getting my hands on some of "recado" or "anchiote" which, all the locals say is used to spice and season all the meat and fish with. Here's hopin!

The Victoria House on the island of San Pedro
One of many waterfalls in the nature preserve in Mountain Pine Ridge
"Xunantunich", Mayan ruins

Text and photos: Simone Rubi

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