Belize Diary Entry #3

Here is Simone Rubi's last diary post on Belize. She will also put together a nice round up of her experience for a future post that will include photographs and stories which will reflect upon her experience as a whole.

Belize Days 5 & 6

Belize is full of ornaments. Mayan symbols and philosophy, orchids and their faces, jewelry-like fruit hanging from trees, blooms, and conch shells. I really love orchids when they are found in the wild. Every time one presented itself on this trip, it felt like a cue. A sign. A signal.

Coffee roasted and grown at The Hidden Valley Inn. Typical morning beverages. 
Mango, guava, coffee, water. Boom

 Pork "Pipil" tacos. Pipil is pork that has been roasted underground for a whole day 
until it melts in your mouth

 Organic farm at the Ka'ana boutique hotel

A beautiful stop in the jungle. Homemade food right by the river. The grandmother of the cook there is really into plants and animals so the garden is fantastic and I got to hang with baby ducks.

A platform in the middle of the jungle. I imagined a yoga retreat or music performance here.

The Mayans use corn as the base for a lot of their foods. I like how the Ka'ana used corn as the base for the sweet corn colada. A spin on a piña colada.

Guatemalan textiles

Good design

Mayan embellishments

A very typical Belizean soup. Split pea and pig tail. I ate this with a jalapeño infused tequila cocktail. Needed the spice!

 A peaceful room at Ka'ana.

Mahogany is a native tree in Belize. To see mahogany used everywhere was special. The British loggers came and benefited from this. Today, there is a specific limit to how much you can cut to keep the practice sustainable. There are also teak and cedar forests as well.

 A typical meat pie. Kind of life chili inside.

Plantain chips perfectly salted from the side of the road

 Mamey fruit. The texture is similar to avocado...the taste is in between papaya and mango.


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